What are Digital Load Cell Displays and What are its Applications?

There are many digital load cell displays available for strain gauge load cells like analog outputs to interface with a PLC, I/O and relay outputs to control batching and checkweighing scales, digital outputs for computer interfaces, and wireless load cell indicators. Digital displays are more to what meets the eye. They tell you more beyond the weight on the scale, they power up the electronic load cells and register their response. The more sophisticated they get, the more features they get to process info, implement a weighing sequence, or interact with peripheral devices. In many electronic scales, the indicator is installed within the scale frame. On other scales, the weighing platform is kept separate from the digital display which is installed on desktop, wall or panel.

The indicators may differ on the basis of their Ingress Protection or IP rating. They are used in dry office or warehouse environments that uses ABS Plastic housing. When dust and moistures bothers, an IP65 enclosure gives a higher degree of protection. Indicators should always be durable and water proof. In completely submersible applications, IP68 housing is needed which is made from stainless steel and is sealed really well. The indicators with IP68 ratings include the Winox and 920i. they can also be differentiated by the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 70 National Electric Code classifications. These classes are determined on the basis of intrinsic safety barriers for dangerous places.

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For simple weighing, you need a basic indicator, but when the sequence is sophisticated, you may need a smart indicator to meet your custom weighing needs. When it comes to 920i, it has more features like it is versatile by the means of universal, panel mount, deep or wall mounted style enclosures. While there are graphic icons and messages, 920i, can bear up to 10 different screens. When it comes to batching or mixing applications, it can handle flow temperatures, multiple scales, queuing, etc. making the most of the database capabilities of 920i lets you to store all the relevant data and files.

It can be used for a number of applications like:

  • It can help in seeking the center of the gravity of items that are being carried to the International Space Station.
  • It can monitor 8 scales in a liquid refrigerant facility.
  • It can showcase 10 load cell weights that come in handy while making luxury yachts.
  • Kiosk scale station for batch out application for two scales with USB data logging and receipt printing.

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